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An overview of our precision-based online store and our role in keeping businesses around the United States adequately supplied

Every day, billions of people around the world work hard to strive toward their goals and contribute to something greater than themselves. Of these billions, countless businesses conduct operations that help grow and continue to satiate the global economy. Without these companies and the mass of jobs they create, an insurmountable number of workers simply wouldn’t be able to make a living. 

Before the advent of the internet and the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, businesses around the world still relied on their suppliers to provide timely products, parts, components, tools and other items at the right price. And though the ease of shopping around and finding a wholesale supplier online is much easier now than it was before the turn of the new millennium, placing your trust in their services to deliver quality items, time and time again, is still of the utmost importance. 

Precision Products — Your Trusted, Comprehensive Wholesale Supplier

At Precision Products, our goal is to make your search for a trustworthy wholesale/bulk supplier easy. We proudly service and supply a number of educational institutions, retailers and other organizations around the United States with a wide variety of products intended for “precision” use. If your company requires quality supplies for cutting, clipping, clamping, magnification or other carefully executed, precise movements, we are here to help support your operations. 

Precision Products offers the following product categories available exclusively for wholesale purchase: 

As we continue to improve our new website to provide businesses like yours with an unparalleled and convenient shopping experience, below, we’ll cover the value of each of these product categories. If you have any questions about our variety of wholesale supplies for sale, require a custom quote or just wish to discuss your unique business needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Precision Products directly

Magnifiers and Jewelers’ Loupes for Sale

When working closely with precious metals or jewels — as professional jewelers often do — it’s extremely important to view the object with intense clarity and detail. While a simple gemstone may look one way to the naked eye, there are countless details and notable qualities to take in when viewed with a specialized magnifier. 

Though we cater to many jewelers with our selection of loupes and other specialized magnifiers, these tools are useful to view just about anything up close in more detail. Common examples include reading or creating maps, assessing the validity of a credit card or currency or closely inspecting a piece of hardware. 

With these many uses, magnifiers aren’t created equal. Precision Products therefore categorizes our wholesale magnifiers for sale into the following groups: 

Bulk Scissors and Various Cutting Instruments

For many people, their first exposure to using a pair of scissors was likely in early grade school, cutting construction paper for an art project while learning the importance of scissor safety. Of course, as we get older, we realize that scissors, shears, hemostats and the like are used for hundreds if not thousands of daily tasks. 

Whether you’re a beauty supply store or high-end salon or you operate a taxidermy business and require surgical-like scissors and hemostats for careful use, our selection is niche, yet vast. From angular bandage scissors to standard crafting shears and barber-quality scissors for professional use, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for, all at cost-effective wholesale prices. 

Our bulk scissor categories are as follows: 

Wholesale Products for the Health & Beauty Industry

When working directly with customers — especially during the era of COVID-19 — safety, organization and consistent access to high-quality tools and supplies is a must. Though Precision Products does not specialize in carrying PPE, we do carry many wholesale first aid supplies, cosmetic storage solutions and basic, assorted protective wear. These products for health and beauty companies are designed to maintain smooth and safe operations that ensure happy, repeat customers. 

As previously stated, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find a bulk product you’re looking for, in general or within our multitude of health and beauty categories: 

Wholesale Fishing Accessories, Camping and Outdoor Supplies

For many, spending time in nature is calming, restorative and a welcome escape from work or home life. For others, being outdoors and ensuring that they’re properly equipped may be a necessary part of their life in the form of a demanding, yet rewarding, job. 

Whether out of recreational enjoyment or occupational necessity, the reality is that the outdoors can be harsh and unforgiving. This is why people should venture out as prepared as possible with quality gear and other outdoor supplies. Precision Products carries a number of wholesale fishing accessories for retailers and other bulk camping and outdoor supplies for sale including flashlights, outdoor first aid items, batteries, carabiners, small repair kits, knives and other practical, immediately useful products. 

Stock your shelves or save your organization money by shopping these categories: 

Wholesale Tweezers for Many Uses

Many, if not all precise operations and movements are not fit for human hands. Using tweezers to carefully perform precise, exact movements ensures that no mistakes are made. Imagine trying to fix an expensive watch or repair a computer circuit board using your bare hands! 

From machine assembly to fine repairs, lab work, model building and so much more, tweezers are the ideal tool for the job. Tweezers are also used frequently in the cosmetic industry as well as an essential first aid tool. 

Whatever your needs, our variety of bulk tweezers for sale come in many different sizes and styles for specialized use: 

Many Bulk Tools Designed to Serve Many Different Uses

Measuring, cutting, inspecting, clamping, storing, applying, hammering, consolidating, drilling, sanding and smoothing — with the right specialty tool in-hand, the number of actions you can perform is truly outstanding. 

While certain tools are “built for life” and require only one investment, other tools are designed to be disposable, replaced after one or several uses. If your customers continue to purchase the same tools or tool accessories for their needs, ensure consistently low prices while maintaining your profit margins with our immense selection of wholesale tools online. 

Shop our bulk tools for sale to find your desired product category. 

Bulk Batteries to Power Today’s Tech-Driven World

All devices, gadgets, electronic instruments and more require some source of power. Though many consumer electronics utilize a wall charger, tons of products require the usage of AA, AAA, CR or other disposable batteries. Batteries are especially useful to power devices when traditional outlets are not available. 

Precision Products carries wholesale lithium and alkaline batteries as well as bulk AA and AAA batteries designed to reliably power thousands of products. 

Save Money. Buy Direct Through Precision Products! 

If your business or organization requires a steady supply of products for precision use, Precision Products is your #1 solution. Offering cost-effective volume discounts on top of our affordable bulk pricing, our wholesale offerings are ideal for: 

  • Retail stores

  • Hobby shops

  • Online stores

  • Book stores

  • Hospitals

  • Central purchasing companies

  • Industrial suppliers

  • Specialty retailers

  • Government purchasing agencies

  • Universities, schools and other educational organizations

  • Export companies

  • Department stores

  • And more! 

To learn more about Precision Products and our wholesale supply company, please visit our about page, view FAQs or reach out to us directly


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