Choosing the Right Wholesale Hobby Tool and Grooming Products Supplier

Choosing the Right Wholesale Hobby Tool and Grooming Products Supplier I was in search of a reliable wholesaler that distributed well made products, and offered low prices at the same time. Rather than searching around for several suppliers to buy different tools,  I wanted to buy all the hobby tools and grooming products from one wholesaler.  This would help me save time, increase efficiency, while increasing the profitability of my business. After narrowing down my web search for wholesale suppliers, I was happy to select Precision Products Co., Inc. as my supplier choice.  They’re website is and are based out of Mooresville NC.

Large Variety of Products 

I like the fact that Precision Products or offers me a very large variety of items.  Primarily, these items are within the following categories:  Specialty Tools, Clamps, Digital Scales, Cutting Tools, Specialty Files, Hobby Hammers, Hemostats, Jewelers Tools, Hobby Picks, Probes, Carving Tools, Carving Spatulas, Rotary Tools, Precision Pliers, Jewelers Pliers, Watchmaker Tweezers, Jewelers Tweezers, Specialty Screwdrivers for Precision Work, Brushes, Gun Cleaning Supplies, wholesale magnifiers, wholesale surgical tools, Craft Scissors, Magnifiers, Jewelers Loupes, Lighted Magnifiers. 

In the Grooming category, they offer these items:  Barber Scissors, Mustache Scissors, Beard Scissors, Cuticle Scissors, Arrow Point Scissors, Iris Scissor, Thinning Shears, Straight Edge Razors, Nail Files, Cuticle Instruments, Toenail Clippers, Fingernail Clippers, Heavy Duty Toe Nail Nippers, Ingrown Nail Nippers, Nose Hair Scissors, Safety Scissors, Dissecting Scissors.

In addition, they also distribute Batteries, Pocket Knives, Medical Accessories, Bandage Scissors, EMT Scissors, Trauma Shears, Medical Tweezers, Outdoor and Camping Accessories, and Flashlights. 

Fast Selling and Unique Items 

I must admit, that not all the products I carry sell super fast.  Many of them do, but there will always be some items that wont  sell as fast as other ones do.  That’s okay, because some items, move slower because they’re more specialized.  For instance, Alligator Forceps are known to only some folks.  It’s a very specific hobby tool, that’s used to get into very tight areas.  ( example: building a ship in a bottle ).  On the other hand, a Nail Clipper or a pair of Barber Scissors may sell much faster.  I like to stock all kinds of products of various popularity.  Carrying unique to mainstream popular  items of all types, keeps the customers coming back! has all kinds of these fast selling items and unique, hard to find products. 

Easy Navigating of  Website 

For me, it’s very important that when I am shopping for products for my business, I need to be on a website that is easy to use. To be honest, I’m not the best at getting around on many sites.  When I’m buying, I want to enter the site, complete my shopping, then sign off, pure and simple.  I don’t need distractions, like when I enter a website, instant music starts up, or a bunch of pop- ups appearing out of nowhere.  The Precision Products website is straight forward from the beginning to the end.  It’s not jumbled up with broken links, or irrelevant buttons.  At the time, when I’m  ready to checkout, and  place my order, I have piece of mind in knowing that my purchase is in good hands.  Their checkout is equipped with top-level security, industry standard encryption, and a validated SSL certificate that is always up to date. 

Low Minimums 

Since I have to buy a very large variety of merchandise, I can’t afford buying single items, by the case. I might have to buy up 40 different items per order, and purchasing case quality per item is not feasible.  The  Precision Products company, will permit me to break cases, and even buy less than the inner boxes if need be.  Sometimes I need only a few of one particular item, and this really helps me,  since I’m purchasing so many different items at a time. 

Attractive Discounts I’m also, in the position to taking advantage of their enticing discount program.  I can save as much as 10 or 15% on  an order without having to be forced to buying a very large amount.  This is nice because it helps pay for  shipping cost.  They’ve also mentioned to me that depending on the product, there’s the possibility of giving a further discount , based on the quantity to be considered. 

Friendly Customer Service  

I know that when I first started selling hobby tools and grooming products, I had all kinds of questions, which was before I had discovered  It’s confusing because I was buying from all kinds of suppliers and distributors.  I like Precision Products because they work with me and answer my questions.  No question is a stupid is a stupid question, they’re down to earth, competent, and treat me with respect.  Also, I think that for the person or business who wants to sell these kinds of products, Precision Products is the one to buy from. They are easy going, and very helpful in telling a business which items are the best ones to start off with. 

I’ve been selling hobby tools and grooming supplies for a few years now, and have built up a nice, lucrative business in doing so.  If someone is like me, they’re always on the go, and having to manage their time wisely. There’s no time to be wasted when it comes to ordering products for a business.  I like quality products, with fair prices and of course, good customer service.  And for these reasons, I have chosen Precision Products.  

B. Cunningham

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