Need Supplies? Why Ordering Wholesale Hobby Tools, Jeweler's Supplies Makes Sense

Businesses and organizations all around the world require a broad range of supplies to manufacture products, sustain inventory levels, execute daily operations and maintain customer expectations. Every company and organizational institution — ranging from a local deli to a hardworking nonprofit — has its own unique needs. 

The common thread among all companies operating for business, however, is that they need supplies. True, the individual needs, volume, frequency of purchase and budgetary restraints vary greatly between, say, a large hospital and a sit-down restaurant. The important point is that these business owners know exactly what they need to supply their operation, how much they need, and how much they can spend. To meet all of these demands, one must purchase in bulk: from a wholesale retailer like Precision Products.

Your Source for Wholesale Hobby Tools, Various Small Tools, and More!

At Precision Products, our goal is to provide quality products and supplies your business needs at cost-saving wholesale prices. We understand the frustration of running out of inventory, or overstocking and losing money due to overhead costs and eventual liquidated inventory. 

It’s a careful balance of staying prepared and staying supplied as a business, and that’s why we’re here online, 24/7, as a reliable source for wholesale small tools and accessories

Below, we’d like to walk you through a few great reasons to purchase in wholesale quantities. 


Online shopping has made procuring and obtaining the necessary supplies for businesses around the globe easier than ever before. Though many online stores are actually the “middle man” selling retail prices directly to the consumer, other stores like Precision Products allow business owners and other appropriate representatives of a company to buy wholesale merchandise. 

Indeed, what used to be an arduous process searching through magazines and speaking endlessly on the phone to suppliers is now as simple and convenient as a few clicks of a computer mouse!

A Time Saver

Part of the convenience of buying wholesale hobby tools and small accessories is simply that you’ll save time. Not only is the process of purchasing easy in itself, but the greater quantities one purchases, the less frequently you’ll have to place an order. 

That’s less time spent worrying about when a shipment will arrive and more time focusing on what matters relative to your business operations, because you’re already stocked with ample supplies.

Overall Value

Value, value, value! Modern-day consumers have come to expect value in whatever purchase they’re navigating. The same is true, or even more so, for business owners or those responsible for placing bulk, high-volume product purchases. 

The greater your unit quantity, the lower the price tends to be per unit. Additionally, you’ll save on shipping costs by ordering less frequently but in greater bulk.


Wholesale merchandisers offer automation to help take the guesswork out of your next order whenever supplies or inventory are running low. If you consistently go through the same precision-type items and wish to receive more on a recurring basis, suppliers like Precision Products are able to cleverly save your previous orders and generate new purchase orders. With your permission, we’ll do the ordering and processing for you.

Questions About Our Wholesale Merchandise

Can I Buy Wholesale For Personal Use?

Generally, a “normal person” cannot buy wholesale. By “normal person,” this is the average retail consumer or an individual that does not represent a specific business or organization, i.e. one that is not tasked with the responsibility of procuring wholesale items. 

In many cases, wholesale customers possess a business license. This license includes a tax identification (ID) number as well as an Employer Identification Number, or EIN. To ensure that your company’s purchases are tax-deductible, this information is typically required. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your eligibility to purchase wholesale directly through Precision Products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Much Does Wholesale Shipping Cost?

Unlike small, low-volume retail purchases, wholesale shipping is usually not offered for free. This is simply due to the sheer cost associated with shipping large, heavy boxes carefully packed with tons of supplies. The larger the package and subsequent shipment, the higher the shipping cost. 

However, Precision Products proudly offers very competitively priced shipping rates for all of our orders and wholesale customers. We even offer on occasion, free shipping on orders over $100 (ground shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states only).  This differentiates our wholesale hobby tool and product suppliers from other storefronts you’ll find online.

How Do I Qualify For Wholesale Pricing?

If you’re the representative of a business complete with a wholesale license (the tax identification number and EIN we mentioned above), you automatically qualify for wholesale pricing.

Ready to Order? Let’s Get Started!

If it’s a small hand tool, a retail accessory, a hard-to-find jeweler’s tool, or niche hobby supply, you’re likely to find what your operation needs right here at Precision Products. From various small cutting instruments to specialty pliers, fine tweezers, magnet and pick-up tools and much more, shop today!

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