Purchase Wholesale Hobby Tools from a Top Notch Supplier for Your Business

Purchase Wholesale Hobby Tools from a Top Notch Supplier for Your Business       Today, you can order hobby tools for resale and be assured of this important fact, you are choosing to order some of the best products that one could sell.  Why, because of their high consumer demand, and high profitability.  It’s true, there are hobby tools of all types and can be sold almost anywhere, while attracting a wide range of potential customers.  Most important, it is crucial that you select a good wholesale hobby tools supplier, who’s trustworthy, reliable, and carries quality products.  If you are interested in selling hobby tools for your business, we would like to point out some things to look for, as well as providing a few tips in this article.  

No one thinks it’s a good idea to just jump into something without thinking things through, especially when it comes to investing in your business.  Spending time, and putting forth some effort are key in selecting a good supplier, that is when buying wholesale hobby tools. 

Sometimes, you might come across a lead by word of mouth. This lead might be a business friend or someone you work with, and they might hook you up with a reputable company to contact.  Sometimes this will work out, and you do have success in finding the right supplier.  

Trade publications are helpful in finding a good supplier.  There are several ones in circulation today, and are available by subscription, while others might offer free listings. Trade magazines can be limited in the sense that they may or may not list wholesale hobby tools. However, there’s still a possibility of finding a supplier that suits your needs.

The most comprehensive and best method we feel to finding a good supplier, is doing searches on the internet.  These days, practically all of the suppliers found online, have websites, with all the information you need in order to make a sound decision on which company to go with.  We also might add, that the search process is quicker and more efficient than the conventional ways of searching. 

A good hobby tool supplier will carry a wide variety of tool related items.  This would include popular items as well as specialized ones.  Avoid a supplier who appears to carry only closeouts or items that appear to be on the way to be discontinued. Items that are duds, may be priced very low, but you might get stuck with those items for quite a while.  And to the buyer of these flops, cutting your losses, by pricing them below cost may be your only option. 

Choose a supplier with “healthy”, fast selling merchandise.  And adding to this, the supplier with the ‘’one stop shop’’ concept is the way to go, because you save time, money, while maximizing efficiency.  Buying various types of products from 150 different suppliers is not only frustrating, but time wasting. 

Select a supplier that carries the following types of hobby tools:  craft scissors, eye loupe magnifiers, hand-held magnifiers, lighted magnifiers, hands-free magnifiers, pocket magnifiers, jewelers tools, surgical tools for hobbies, digital scales, craft making tools, hobby clamps, hobby tweezers, dental picks for hobbies, jewelers hammers, wholesale magnifiers, wholesale surgical tools, brushes for hobby work, jewelers pliers, gun cleaning supplies, utility and hobby cutters. 

An important aspect that pertains to the supplier selection process, is a suppliers sales policies.  No ones wants to deal with a company who refuses to back up what they sell. Their sales policies should be clear, concise, and no deviation to what the terms are.  

Things that go hand in hand with their policies are worth mentioning.  A good supplier will offer fair and reputable forms of payment, for instance:  American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.  The suppliers’ website should have a check-out page with a validated secure SSL certificate, that is up to date with the latest security technology.  The checkout experience should be seamless, go smooth, and no worries what so ever.  

Another thing, is that since a buyer is purchasing wholesale, the minimum order requirements should be fair, reasonable, and attainable.  Suppose for instance, that you find the supplier that you want to use, and you start things off by ordering a variety of 30 hobby tools.  If the supplier’s terms are 24 pieces per item, the cost can truly add up!  Some suppliers sell by case lots only.  This can be quite discouraging, especially to a business just starting out. Why, because some cases may contain 24 to 240 pieces per case, of a single item.  You may have no idea how well that item might sell.  So, you are better off if you are able to spread your money around, as opposed to sinking your entire budget into one or two items. For example, it makes more sense to spend $200.00 on an order of 15 wholesale items, instead of $200.00 on items.  When you are starting out, you need a fairly wide range of goods to get an idea of what’s best and the right items to stock. 

Also, watch out for a supplier who requires the minimum total order that is set too high.  Although the prices may be attractive, the amount of merchandise to buy is not within your business budget.  Select a hobby tool supplier who offers a  low minimum requirement per item, and the dollar amount stated for the total order is fair and reasonable.  

A quality hobby tool supplier will offer cost incentives in the form of quantity discounts.  For example, they might state that the wholesale price of an item is $3.00, but if you buy 12 pieces, your price for that item is $2.50.  Or, they might have a program to where if you buy $100.00 of merchandise, there’s a 5% discount, and if the order comes to $250.00, a 10% discount is given. 

An important thing to consider, but often overlooked is how the merchandise is treated and handled, after it’s packed and leaves a suppliers warehouse. The last thing you need is the merchandise that you paid for, to arrive at your business in poor shape.  Why, because the worker in the warehouse slacked off, cut corners, and packed your order with an insufficient amount of tape and other packing materials. True, things can happen along the way: mishandling by the carrier, forklifts piercing cases, thievery, but that’s what shipping insurance is for.  There’s no excuse for sloppy service, that is, a poor job at order packing, not taking the time to make sure the order is correct, or rushing through orders to beat the carriers pick-up time. The supplier who’s on their toes however, plans ahead, packs orders properly, and ships orders on time.  This is the supplier you want!  

Good customer service is key to a sound business relationship.  No one enjoys or appreciates rude customer service. Limited product knowledge, poor communication skills, and other forms incompetence are counterproductive toward your business needs. If you are the customer and paying a seller money, you expect the business you buy from to be courteous, competent, and follow through with each transaction.  A wholesale hobby tool supplier who employs friendly help,

One last thing, is you want to do business with a company who’s well established and has been around for awhile. This is not to say, that a brand new wholesale hobby tool supplier should be written off. Because, they are new and quite eager to getting established and do what it takes to provide good service.  But on the other hand, you yourself may be new to selling these tools, and need a company that’s experienced, and has the knowledge to guide you through the ins and outs of selling hobby tools.  

So, we’ve pointed out some important things to consider, when it comes to selecting the right hobby tool supplier.  The main thing, is you want a company who you feel comfortable with, and an outfit you can trust.  It’s your investment, time, and effort, and you deserve a wholesale supplier who delivers top-notch service and quality merchandise.  Selling wholesale hobby tools is not only fun to sell, but highly profitable.  These exciting tools will contribute to your business by offering great selling items to your customers!   

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