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Show Tags are an excellent way to present all your merchandise to your customer base.

An attractive card for each product has its advantages, but the main one, is that it helps

sell your product!

They can be used by merchants who sell at Flea Markets, Swap Meets, Trade Shows, Special Event Shows, Chain Stores, Specialty Shops, and various other establishments.

All cards are free for you to print, and you’ll notice that these are sorted alphanumerically.

Simply print them out as needed from this pdf format.

It would be beneficial to use atleast card-stock weight for these signs. They will stay in better shape while displaying them. We show them in ‘’white’’ color, however they might look great in other color shades as well.

Helpful Hints

1. Start by cutting each sign out as shown. If you happen to have a paper cutter, this will speed the process up immensely

and keep the borders looking neat!

2. Apply the tape to each tag after the desired cutting is done. If you have access to a laminator, this will truly

make each tag look great. Taping or laminating will help protect the tag

from being dog-eared, plus it will sustain its

fresh appearance.

3. When using tape, be sure to coat all sides.

4. All sides are important.

5. Back side as well.

6. Taping continued. *Show Tag descriptions are for examples only.

( non-actual )

7. Use a price gun instead of handwriting

the price. This makes the tags look neater and ore standardized, plus if you need to change the cost, it is easily done.

*Please note: the ‘’prices’’ were intentionally left off the Show Tags, giving you total pricing flexibility.

Mesh Basket Products Tray

8. A product tray, with attached Show Tag, which is a great way to merchandise your products. It is not shown, but it is important to tape the actual walls of the basket, that is if you plan on using this type of tray. This is most important when you display

‘’skinny/slender’’ objects. For example: dental picks and tweezers. The taped walls prevent these items from poking through the sides. In turn, they’ll look neat and not sloppy.

These baskets should be found at Drug Stores, Dollar Stores, Kmart and of course, Walmart.

Finally, products look better when placing them on a dark colored pad as shown above. ( It is only recommended )

Above are two more examples of how to use Show Tags. Show Tags look outstanding when put them straight down on a table. The only drawback is that your customers will inevitably mess up your neat display, not to mention picking items up to look at them, then putting them back down somewhere else. This merchandising does look impressive, but when you get busy handling sales, it can be a tough job straightening things out. But, if you’re making money and customers

are buying, that’s wonderful! Straightening up the table is no big deal! You’re there to make money and that’s what counts.

To help prevent products from staying out of place, you can try: try using Velcro, taping tags straight to the table, or possibly another efficient method.

Please note: When you choose the paper to print these signs out with, it is highly recommended to use cardstock weight. We show these signs prepared on ‘’white’’ cardstock, but any color will do just fine. Cardstock is heavier, and will keep the sign in good shape.

There are many other ways to effectively display your merchandise as well. ( besides these ideas ) All these things mentioned here, mainly pertains to the show merchant who practices ‘’point of sell’’ type marketing. We hope these ideas are helpful, but please note that these suggestions are by no means confined to the scope of this content.