Wholesale Surgical Tools and Craft Instruments-A Real Money Maker

When a person goes to their favorite swap meet or flea market, they’ll see  local vendors selling all kinds of things.  They’ll see  booths full of antiques. On down the way,  they might witness a vendor selling cosmetics or books.  As one keeps walking, and with great interest, they notice someone set up selling an array of surgical and craft tools of all types. 

A town in the local community sponsors a gun or craft show.  After an individual decides to attend the show, they notice  are  all kinds dealers at the event.   The person then notices a vendor selling a huge selection of craft and surgical tools.  At the vendor’s booth, there’s a huge crowd of folks lined up to buy this kind of merchandise.  We want to give some facts of why selling surgical and  craft instruments can  be a lucrative business. They sell quite well at swap meets, flea markets, and trade shows.

A wonderful blend of items 

Surgical and craft tools are quite unique.  They consist of the following:  hand held magnifiers, helping hands magnifiers, jewelers loupes, magnifier lamps, desk magnifiers, lighted magnifiers, craft scissors, arrow point scissors, tailor shears, barber scissors, medical scissors, EMT Scissors, bandage scissors, iris scissors, sewing scissors, wholesale hobby tools, wholesale magnifiers, button hole scissors, operating scissors, beard scissors, dental picks, dental probes, hemostats, splinter tweezers, adson tweezers, tissue forceps, tweezers forceps, college tweezers, diamond tweezers, bead tweezers, watch-making tweezers, jewelers tweezers, eyebrow tweezers, hobby tweezers, digital scales, jewelry pliers, hobby clamps, rotary tools, hobby hammers, and special hobby saws.  

Enjoyable and Rewarding 

What’s truly rewarding about selling surgical and craft tools is that these items are fun to sell, with a relaxed sense of no pressure involved.  The products practical sell themselves.  People, who are customers in this case already have previous knowledge of what they are looking for- in most cases. So, there’s no great need to educate people on these products.   It’s a fast pace type of selling, as these vendors take a customers, then moving to the next customer. One can observe the vendors of surgical and craft tools, staying busy selling these unique, interesting products.  Customers can be found to be  local as well as tourist.  In turn, these people can be transformed into repeat buyers. And, tourist will in many cases, remember the surgical and craft dealer, on their next trip to the show or market. 

Stocking the products that customers want 

These products require no previous product knowledge, and as mentioned earlier, customers will generally already know what they are looking for.  As time goes on, sellers of these products tend to pick up more and more information and facts about these products, as they chat with customers. This rapport with customers,   can and will lead to more sells on down the road.  Why, because sellers  can take notes on what kind of tools  customers mention.  As a result, suppliers can have the items that were mentioned by customers, have ready to buy, should the customers come back to the show or booth. And many times, they really do show back up!  

Selling areas and establishments 

Explicitly, these products will sell at all kinds of markets and shows: flea markets,  swap meets, trade shows, malls, bazaars, tool and hardware shows, special events, gun and knife shows, craft fairs, collectable shows,  rv shows, boat shows etc..  

Something for everyone 

In many cases, these surgical and craft tools can be hard to find.  Why, because the mainstream outlets may not carry an extensive line of these items.  And, so when people stumble upon a sellers’ booth or selling area, they’ll be pleased to find a large array of these fine tools and instruments. 

High profit margins  

Profit margins on these items are consistently wide and across the board, sellers will be able to at least double their money, and still present cost savings to the customer.  When a seller buys merchandise to stock his booth, their freight cost in many cases is low. Since these products are small in nature, they can be shipped in a compact manner, thus reducing the number cartons needed to ship their bought goods.   In  other words, quite a lot of merchandise can be packed in a single box, and keeping shipping expenses down. 

In summary, we can see that there are distinctive advantages in selling surgical and craft tools. It’s been a proven seller since at least the early 1990’s .  If one is looking for a line of goods to sell at a trade show, flea market, or swap meet, these items would be highly recommended!  

Andy Anderson


Betty Jordeson

Date 4/2/2023

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