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Do you drop-ship orders?
  Yes we can and we would be glad to, but if the order falls below the wholesale minimum($50.00), we will need to charge $5.00. Also, just make sure to double check the ''ship to'' address is valid, as well as any instructions if required. Please understand that in the event that if the ship to address proves to be invalid, we cannot be held responsible.
How long has been in business?
  Precision Products Company was founded in 1992.  ( )
I am from New York, and will be coming down to Florida in the winter time to sell at some markets and shows. Do I need to provide with a resale certificate?
  First, welcome to Florida!  Yes, Florida wholesalers are required to keep a copy on file, regardless of resident status.
I live in the state of Florida, when can I place my first order?
  After you send us a copy of your Florida resale certificate.
I'm turning 17 years old next week, can I buy from
  No, you must be atleast 18 years old to place orders with
Is the sales team highly knowledgeable in regards to product features and benefits?
  Yes, the sales teams at is quite knowledgeable, and informed about all our products and can answer all your questions.
Is your customer service staff at well trained and can competently handle all business related issues?
  Yes, we pride ourselves on superior customer service, and all of us are well trained to handle all facets of business issues that may arise.
My wife and I do craft shows around the country, will you drop ship orders to these events?
Yes, and we are more than glad to do so! We have years of experience shipping orders to all kinds of events:  hobby shows, trade shows, gun shows, craft shows, flea markets, swap meets, and various other events. But please keep in mind that we must have the exact ''ship to'' address along with precise instructions( booth #, aisle, space etc. ) . If the ship to address proves to be invalid, we cannot be held responsible.
Where can I sell these products?
  They sell well in a variety of places such as:  department Stores,  trade shows, Ebay and other internet  related outlets, hardware Stores, tool Stores, jewelry and watch-maker trade shows, flea markets, swap-meets, gun-shows, craft shows, knife shows, convenience stores, and many other fine establishments.
How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.