Tools and Instruments: A Multitude of Uses

Founded in 1994, Precision Products found an important need for all kinds of specialty tools and instruments from various industries and organizations, which include: healthcare, education and research, automotive, grooming and beauty, governmental, industrial.

In the very beginning, Dave Morton the owner focused mainly on small businesses that purchased from Precision Products for resale. These businesses included hobby shops, craft stores, trade show dealers, jewelry stores, sign companies, as well as general merchandise stores and small pharmacies.

As time went on, and as the internet became more prevalent, Dave noticed an uptick on inquiries and many of which originated from the internet. For example, a physics department from a university needed a large quantity of magnifiers for classrooms and projects. Or, an advertising firm needed scissors in bulk quantity for promotional marketing. Another example would be a sign and graphics company that sold and currently sells online special tools for sign making to retail stores. A final example: a municipality calling on Precision Products for specific magnifiers for the inspection of documents for law enforcement.

It is worth mentioning as well as noting that Precision Products sells wholesale or for bulk purchase only, and due to their low-margin wholesale pricing structure, regretfully cannot sell products for personal use.
The need for the type of items Precision Products distributes is never-ending and continues to expand. When you visit the Precision Products, you'll see from the home page that the page is clear cut, inviting, and compelling. Its primary focus is on Hobby Tools, Surgical Supplies, Magnifiers, Craft Tools, and Jewelry Supplies.

Hobby tools are crucial to everyone for many reasons. All kinds of these tools and instruments are utilized to construct, make, and to use for projects, events, and task that involve special attention. There are many kinds of hobbies: refinishing furniture, sport fishing, stamp collecting, jewelry making, auto detailing, arts and crafts, candle-making, figurines, quilting just to name a few. Within the Precision Products website, tools of all kinds can be found for businesses, agencies, and organizations for direct purchasing. Businesses will find these sections: Outdoor and Camping Supplies, Fishing Tools and Supply, Craft Scissors, Magnifiers, Jewelers Tools, General Tools quite useful and beneficial for purchasing items for their customer base.

There are many reasons why companies use and sell surgical supplies. Some companies use them in the production process of manufactured goods, or services. While other businesses market these items and can be found within their product line. Some organizations like for instance the healthcare industry, use them in day to day operations of the business.

The point is this, Precision Products carries an extensive line of hobby/instrument grade of surgical instruments, which include bandage scissors, hemostats, tweezers of all types, and paramedic shears. The usage of surgical instruments goes far beyond surgery or the operating room. There are hundreds if not thousands of uses for these tools everywhere. Relevant sections that are concerned with these instruments are: Hemostat Tools, Pick Tools, Spatula and Carver Tools, Medical Products, Tweezers. Some users of these tools are: taxidermist, jewelers, manufacturers, industrial uses, service techs, electronic technicians, health departments, colleges and universities, art and craft dealers.

Magnifiers are used everywhere and practically everyone has had the experience of using them. Precision Products distributes all kinds to a variety of organizations, businesses, agencies that uses them in different ways. For example, a school system purchases them for class science projects, an advertising agency needs them as a promo give-away to stimulate business, a branch of government needs magnifiers in the verification specific documents, a jeweler wholesaler buys them to resale to jewelry stores.

The quality of Precision Products magnifiers is unmatched, which includes, Magnifier Loupes, Pocket Magnifiers , Micro-Loupes, Hand-Held Readers, and Hands-Free Type Magnifiers. And with this said, Precision Products continues to be a leader in the distribution of all kinds of magnifiers.

Precision made scissors, deluxe files, measuring tools, dental pick tools of all sorts are used extensively among the arts and crafts trade. A clothing company needs reliable fabric scissors for their team of designers, a large beading class needs special pliers for their students at a beading workshop, an online catalog company sells and distributes embroidery scissors, a furniture refinishing shop needs small brushes in the reproduction and final product of their work. Precision Products carry these items to satisfy the strong demand for the arts and crafts industry. Whether it's Craft Scissors, Refinishing Files, Hobby Brushes, Cutting Tools, Tweezers, Precision Products has this industry covered.

One of the largest industries today in the United States as well around the world is in the production and selling of jewelry plus related items. Certain tools are required for manufacturing, repairing, and fabricating all kinds of jewelry. The tools that are necessary are very compatible with other purposes as well. Just to name a few: beading, wood crafts, silversmith work, sculpting, electronic work, light mechanical, glass production.

Precision Products carries an array of quality jewelers tools that can be used in the making of jewelry items as well as other trades and activities. Popular jewelers tools that can be found on the Precision Products website are: Jewelry Pliers, Jewelers Loupes, Digital Scales, Precise Tweezers, Mini Power Accessories , General Jewelry Making Tools.

Since the beginning of Precision Products, the company has worked long and hard at delivering, distributing, selling quality tools and instruments to businesses and organizations in the United States and abroad. And like many companies, their focus is on the customers and Precision Products would not be where it is without them!